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adult daughter & older parent Elder Life Advisors is the first stop for families with elderly parents and who need to make major decisions about aging-related issues. Our aim is to:

  •  Equip families to better understand and confront the challenges, opportunities, and risks associated with the aging of parents;
  •  Cut through the confusion of complex issues and multiple choices. We help you to make wise, cost effective decisions -- centered on the best interests of the elderly person;
  •  Facilitate family communication and commitment, with the goal of equitable, shared responsibility for the care of elderly parents.

We offer consulting, seminars and workshops.


Arnie SnyderElder Life Advisors, LLC is based in Littleton, Colorado. Our primary focus is to serve the Colorado Front Range area, including Denver Metro, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Clients who are adult children of aging parents may live anywhere in the U.S. or the world.

Arnie Snyder, principal owner, has worked to benefit seniors and their families for over ten years. As personal advisor to elderly and their adult children, he assists elders to live as independently as possible; to conserve financial resources; and to create a family-friendly support network. One of our goals is to help you make more definite plans for an indefinite future.

Our commitment to help with elder concerns is coupled with Arnie's extensive background as an independent management consultant. He has advised professional firms in the development and delivery of services to meet seniors' needs: estate design/planned giving; conservator/guardianship; and financial services. The Elder Life Advisors team includes elder services professionals with specialized experience, ready to assist individual clients based on their needs and unique circumstances.

Arnie first became acquainted with the needs of aging parents through the experience of his own family. One of five adult children, he worked with his siblings to plan a safe, secure alternative living arrangement for his parents a dozen years ago. The family navigated through the unfamiliar terrain of family meetings amid pressing needs and the uncertainty of future events. After careful consideration, the family pooled their resources to purchase a modest cottage, located across the street from one sister. Besides providing a warm, comfortable home and regular family contact for their parents, it grew into a family project that drew everyone closer together. It united the family in a thoughtful plan of caregiving and service, even though the siblings reside in four different states. The many small acts of mutual sacrifice have built a stronger, more loving family.

This experience demonstrated to our family that long term care is not necessarily expensive or complicated, though some advertising may imply that it is. It has taught us that the challenges associated with aging of parents need not tear families apart, but can instead present a unique opportunity to draw families closer together. It has shown us that planning ahead, thoughtful decision-making, and honest communication can save a great deal money and hardship.

Influenced by this personal experience, Arnie chose to invest in the well-being of seniors, regardless of their resources or housing situation. For over four years, he was a Certified Long Term Care Ombudsman, advocating for resident care and quality of life at a 200-bed nursing home in the Denver area.

Arnie is founder and director of Columbine Community Village, Inc., organized in March 2012 to serve older adults in suburban South Jefferson County, Littleton, Colorado. Columbine Community Village is a non-profit membership organization devoted to helping seniors over the age of 55 remain in their own homes and community. This follows the age-in-community "Village Model" pioneered by Beacon Hill Village, Boston. He is a member of the Jefferson County Aging Well Task Force Housing Subcommittee.

Arnie was co-founder of A Little Help, Inc. (formerly, Washington Park Cares). He became involved with Washington Park Cares during its pre-startup stage in 2006 and served on its board of directors until January 2012.

A member of the Advisory Council for Village to Village Network, LLC, Arnie is a frequent speaker at annual VtVN National Village Gatherings.

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