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Our Services to Families

three-generation familyWe offer solid, practical information, advice and one-to-one consulting to older adults and the families of aging loved ones, such as:

  • An older person or couple whose intent is to live as independently as they can for as long as possible. They want the right plans and resources in place to make their aim a reality. Their current situation may or may not present an immediate need for day-to-day services or personal care.
  • One or more adult children who are concerned about older parents. The initial contact will often be an adult child. To the extent that parents are still capable, their participation will be central to plans or actions undertaken on their behalf.

The Need

Ninety percent of Americans would prefer to live independently in their own homes as they age. For some, it's a home they've lived in for many years; for others, it means moving to a smaller residence or to organized senior housing. Regardless of location, it's important to plan ahead for the needs of day-to-day living and aging -- to make the home safe and secure; to consider needs for transportation, services and care; and to ensure that the older person does not become isolated and vulnerable.

Important life decisions are often made too late, and frequently in response to an accident or sudden event. Decisions are complicated by uncertainty about what to do and when. Delay may eliminate some options and increase the cost of others. When the need for a decision becomes urgent, the emotional burden may seem overwhelming. Within a family, obstacles may be posed by geographic separation, absence of communication, or strained relationships.

Our Services

We equip clients to anticipate, prepare for, and cope with aging-related concerns. A convenient, single point of contact, we can help anticipate and smooth out the rough spots that often show up in the later years of life -- working with you and your family to plan and prepare, to make sound decisions, and to follow through:

  •  Consulting - To plan proactively.

  •  Seminars and Workshops - To educate, inform, advise and encourage.

Our services are organized into three major areas -- Housing Choices, Financial Resources, Family Support. Each deals with a life issue important to every person who desires to have more control and peace of mind in the later years of life. Services are flexible; categories or individual elements may be expanded, shortened, or eliminated, according to need.

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